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Building Certification

Building Certification


Diskoros Building Certifiers


Are you looking for an Accredited Building Certifier or an Accredited Private Certifier? Look no further. Call me now 0434 279 027 to see how I can help you.

Diskoros Building Certifiers

Our Accredited Building Certification Services include:

  • Principle Certifying Authority Services
  • The issue of Construction Certificates
  • The issue of Complying Development Certificates
  • Carrying out Critical Stage Inspections during construction
  • The issue of interim and final Occupation Certificates
  • Building Code of Australia consultancy and BCA compliance reports
  • Assessment and Verification of Alternative Solutions

Mr Diskoros is a Grade 1 Accredited Building Certifier – Building Professionals Board #2108 in New South Wales and the ACT, and has over thirty years Australian Building Experience in Residential , commercial and industrial developments, both with councils and private industry, this has exposed him to the broad technical and practical spectrums of Building & Development. Growing primarily through “word of mouth”, Mr Diskoros has also worked with Property Owners, Architects, Builders, Owner Builders, Developers and Property Managers communicating clearly and effectively, providing value add service, and managing projects risks improving application response times, project holding costs and service levels

  1. Review all designs prior to development of the project and provide advice regarding regulatory requirements.
  2. Identify any specific particulars that are non-compliant or inconsistent with the building codes and practices of Australia and explain what changes need to be made in order to comply with said codes.
  3. Inform you of what information is required before a Construction Certificate can be issued. This is important as work cannot commence until you are in the possession of such certificates.
  4. Issue interim and/or final Occupation Certificates upon the work being completed.

We can greatly assist in reducing the time and money spent on such endeavours and ensure you are complying with all building codes and practices. Because these regulations are often changing or being updated, its important that you hire someone that is reliable and up to date on such changes.

Appoint a Principal Certifying Authority – PCA

A Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) is the only person or body who can issue interim or final occupation certificates. You must appoint your PCA before work commences. Only the person with the benefit of development consent (usually the landowner) can appoint the PCA; the builder cannot appoint the PCA, unless they are also the landowner. Your PCA can be either an accredited certifier, council or the consent authority. The PCA inspects work during construction to ensure that it is generally consistent with the approved plans and is fit to occupy having regard to required building standards. Although a PCA is appointed, ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure conditions of development consent are met. The PCA should, however, check the builder is licensed and that home warranty insurance has been obtained. Read the conditions of consent carefully, note which conditions must be met at different stages, and liaise regularly with your builder and PCA to ensure conditions are satisfied. This will help you avoid delays, or worse  a fine from council, costly remedial work or an order to demolish unauthorised works.

As the person having the benefit of development consent, you must give council at least two days notice in writing of your intention to commence work on the site, and must notify council in writing at least two days before building work commences of your appointed PCA.

You can give these notices to council together Development application (DA)Council, or other building professionals such as a town planner or accredited certifier, will advise if you need to lodge a DA. In almost all cases council issues the development consent. Accredited certifiers cannot assess DAs. Complying development certificate (CDC) A complying development certificate is an alternative to a DA and only available for routine work classed as complying development under council’s planning controls or a State planning policy. A complying development certificate is issued if a proposed development complies with relevant planning controls and building controls under the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Accredited certifiers and councils can issue complying development certificates. The certificate must be obtained before any building work commences, including site works such as demolition and excavation. You should enter into a contract with the builder and obtain home warranty insurance before work commences. Apply for a construction certificate (CC) If you have development consent after submitting a DA to council, you need a construction certificate before you can start building work. If you have a complying development certificate, you do not need a construction certificate. A construction certificate confirms building plans comply with the BCA, are not inconsistent with the development consent, and comply with relevant conditions of the development consent. Accredited certifiers and councils can issue construction certificates. A construction certificate (or complying development certificate) must be obtained before building work commences. Without one, you cannot obtain an occupation certificate at the completion of building work. OCCUPATION CERTIFICATE (OC) Under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, s.109C Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000, before you can occupy the building, you must apply for and obtain an occupation certificate from your Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) The PCA will inspect the completed building work to determine if it is suitable to occupy. If satisfied, they will issue an occupation certificate. A Final Occupation Certificate Allows commencement of either the occupation or use of a new building (including alterations and additions), or the new use of an existing building resulting from a change of its use An interim occupation certificate allows the commencement of either the occupation or use of a partially completed building, or for a new use of part of an existing building resulting from a change of use for the building. If an interim certificate is issued a final occupation certificate is required when all building work or the change of use is complete. A final occupation certificate revokes any occupation certificates issued earlier.


Below is a list of all services we offer:

Private certifier
Building certifier
Accredited Certifier
Building compliance Reports
Construction certificates
Complying development certificates
Occupation certificates
Building Compliance certificates
Building Approvals
Council Approval
Inspections- Critical Mandatory Inspections

APPLICATION FORMS OC – Occupation Certificate CC – Construction Certificate CDC – Complying Development Certificate

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